Hot pot at home is always the best, a nice warm meal for a cold winter’s night.

Looking at my cousin’s face, Hot pot apparently makes you high as well

Best KOREAN Nike Commercial EVER!: JUST DO IT (part 1)


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My piano teacher has to answer at least one phone call during each of my lessons. I’m not paying you to socialise on the phone…

Sometimes my mum rambles on so much during our conversation that if I leave the room she won’t even notice and just keep talking

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Update on my fabulous life

Having the flu is starting to piss me off. I feel so lazy from being housebound for 2 days..all I’ve done is sleep and stare at my laptop which is now starting to hurt my eyes

Claude Debussy - L’isle Joyeuse

After playing this piece for about 1 billion years, it is finally now at a standard which I am reasonably satisfied with.  Haven’t uploaded anything to my Youtube channel for yonks - so decided to film myself rehearsing for my piano recital! 

Enjoy! (:

PS: I did not fart at the end.  It was the chair

Maurice Ravel - Pavane pour une infante défunte

Slowly getting hooked on these….