screamed my phone as I accidentally pressed the play button on my phone - right in the middle of a busy restaurant.

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My friend just told me my hairdresser thinks I don’t like him just because I don’t small talk during haircuts.  I’ve always had that train of thought that if I talked too much, he would screw up my hair - that buzzer ain’t gon unshave a bald patch yo.  Next time I get my haircut, I’m going to talk to him so much until he gets sick of me

Introvert traits?

Around new people, I’m often quite shy and find it hard to initiate the conversation.  Including people who don’t know me well and vice versa, often I may come off as cold, awkward and unfriendly.  There are however exceptions with some people who I think I instantly click with - that connection or spark that cannot be explained is just there.  But with the majority, it may take me up to 6 months to even a year to feel close with someone and consider them as a genuine friend.  After that, the inner cray cray Phil emerges and all hell breaks loose hahaha…I seriously think I troll my friends too much sometimes.  

But yea, that’s my thoughts for today! I feel like I haven’t created a decent post on this blog in yonks! While I should be writing my Honours thesis, I write this….


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Does this make sense?

When someone that got braces way after you got braces, gets their braces taken off first

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that is Gold


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